On 08st November 2017, on 09:00 am, in University of Unisannio – Department of Science and Tecnology, Prof. Panuwan Chantawannakul,Vice Dean,International College of Digital Innovation of Chiang May University Thailand, will deliver a seminar on:

Benefits, cost and tradeoff of defense mechanisms in Asian honey bee


On 21st February 2017, on 16:00, in University of Brescia – Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Prof. Mujtaba Agha of Capital University of Science e Technology of  Islamabad will deliver a seminar on his joint research activities with the University of Brescia regarding the new logistic chain between China and Pakistan.

The seminar will deal the topic both under logistic/infrastructural perspective, and under the competitiveness perspective between the two Countries.

More details on this flyer.


On 19th January 2016 Prof. Colin M Culloch, of Pyonyang University of Science and Technology - North Korea, attended the presentations of the contents for the Engineering Degree Courses at the University of Sannio.
The following Chairs presented their didactic offer:
Prof. Lilli Galdi - - Chair of the Degree Course in Electronic Engineering
Prof. Francesco Pepe - Chair of the Degree Course in Energy Engineering
Prof. Massimiliano Di Penta - Chair of the Degree Course in Information Engineering
Prof. Mariano Gallo - Chair of the Degree Course in Civil Engineering

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Prof. Colin Mc Culloch, from Pyongyang University of Science and Technologies visited the University of Sannio on 18th-19th February 2016. He visited the labs of Department of Engineering, the Administrative Offices and the facilities of the Students.
He met the Rector of the University and the General Director.
The Presidents of the Degree Courses presented to Prof. Mc Culloch hte content of the didactic and scientific offer of the Department of Engineering.
The Coordinator of the University of Sannio will work closely with Prof. Mc. Culloch to promote LEADER Project in Pyongyang University of Science and Technologies.



On 19th February 2016 Samten Lhendup and Karma Tempa graduated as Master in Energy Engineering and Civil Engineering, respectively. The Jury, chaired by the Rector, was attended by all the Erasmus Students of the University and it was reported by the main Media.
LEADER project offered a buffet to the new graduated Masters and to the hosts after the Jury.



January 14th-15th 2016: LEADER Second Physical Meeting - Thailand, Chiang Mai University

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11st December 2015: The Coordinator of LEADER Project, Prof. Matteo Mario Savino, meets the President of Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association of Bangladesh, Dr S.M.Atiqur Rahman Chowdhury. Dr Rahman will actively work to promote the LEADER project in Bangladesh and in central Asia.


The LEADER kickoff meeting is going to be held in Bangladesh, at the University of Dhaka, from 15 to 17 December 2014. Download the program here


17/12/2014 - During the Kickoff meeting of LEADER project, Jurgen Heimann and Raphael Sanchez Carmona of EU Delegation of Bangladesh have joined the meeting with all Project partners. The photos of the event on the facebook page of  the Project.