Key Actions


The Key Action Research are a substantial part of the research project. They are conducted by the Doctoral and Post Doc within the Asia-EU internships and are based on the Study, Training and Research (SRTTA) Document signed by the Doctoral and the local - Asia and EU – coordinators. Each SRTTA has a timeline and expected results in terms of publications and conference participations.

Key Action Research conducted at Unisannio



KA2: Decision Support systems for Quality Management;


KA3: Deployment of Smart Renewable Energies;


KA5: Development of Energy and Environment Integrated Management Systems;


KA7: New IT approaches for Smart Maintenance Management;


KA10: Study of correlations Lifecycle/Performances for electromechanical products;


KA 11: Lifecycle Analysis of Renewable Energies;


KA 12: Investigating on the main drivers of Sustainability in Corporate perspective;


KA 18: Corporate Social Responsibility Nexus and Corporate Governance with moderating roles of organization slack;


KA 19: Behavior biases and Investor Knowledge;



Key Action Research conducted at Brescia



KA 16: Semiconductor Science and Technology;


KA 17: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology;


KA 20: Quality Evaluation with Sensing Technology;




Key Action Research conducted at Évora




KA 1: Characterization of Photovoltaic Cells;


KA 4: Drone based smart monitoring system;


KA 6: Consumer health information search;


KA 8: Localization and Mapping in Uncertain Environments for Mobile Robots;



Key Action Research conducted at Crete



KA 9: Research on Advanced Materials;


KA 13: Transparent Conductive Materials;


KA 14: Fish Physiology of the UoC;


KA 15: Approaches of Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF)