Academic Recognition of Studies

For LEADER project, all Study recognition mechanism is based on ECTS, with a Learning Agreement (LA), Transcript of Records (TR) and
Study/Research/Training/Teaching agreement (SRTTA - applicable for doctorate exchange and post-doctorate students).

The procedure is the following:

1) Each selected student is contacted by the Hosting University and a blank LA is sent to him/her and to his/her local coordinator as well;

2) The candidate local Asian coordinator is involved in choosing a number of courses for a total number of credits not less to 30 (for undergraduates and masters), from the catalogue of courses published on the website of LEADER project;

3) The LA is then sent to the EU Coordinator for his revision

4) When the Student arrives at the Hosting University the LA is signed by him/her and by the local Eu Coordinator

5) The LA is then sent to the Asian Coordinator for the final signature

6) If modifications occurred in the chosen courses the LA prior to the signature is sent again to the Asian Coordinator for his revision

7) The  LA signed by the students and the to coordinator.

After the courses have been followed, the candidate are examined. If the exam is passed, the student card is updated with the exam passed and related score. The database of the project is updated with the passed exams, registering the relative number of credits earned by the candidate.
At the end of the mobility period, after the student has arrived at home, the Transcript of Records (TR) is issued, reporting the title (in English)  of the courses followed and passed.

The TR and the Diploma Supplement are not given directly to the Student. When the student left for his/her Home Country, they are sent by courier to their Asian University. A copy is sent by email to the Student and to the Asian Coordinator. 

For master 24 months and PhD 34 months a Diploma Supplement is issued by the hosting university.

The same procedure is followed for PhD and Post Doc with SRTTA as main exchanging document.

For Ph.D. the number of credits for education activities must be not less than 20, plus 30 credit of laboratory activities.