Degree Courses at University of Peradeniya


Courses offered at

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Faculty of Management

At the Faculty of Management there are,

  • Department of Management Studies
  • Department of Business Finance
  • Department of Human Resource Management
  • Department of Marketing Management
  • Department of Operations Management
  • Department of Accounting
  • Department of Business Economics
  • Department of Business Information Technology

Faculty of Arts

  • Department of Law

The Department of Law offers a full-fledged four year Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Degree program, including following courses,

LAW 101 Introduction to Law

LAW 102 Legal History and Legal System of Sri Lanka

LAW 103 Legal Method

LAW 104 Legal Writing and Research

LAW 201 Constitutional Law I

LAW 202 Criminal Law I

LAW 203 Family Law I

LAW 205 Law of Contract

LAW 206 Family Law II

LAW 207 Property Law

LAW 208 Constitutional Law II

LAW 301 Law of Delict

LAW 302 Criminal Law II

LAW 303 Law of Equity and Trust

LAW 304 Principles of Management

LAW 305 Administrative Law

LAW 306 Mooting

LAW 307 Sociology of Law

LAW 308 Company Law

LAW 309 Human Rights Law

LAW 310 Conflict Analysis

LAW 311 Forensic Psychology

LAW 312 Law and Medicine

LAW 313 Public International Law

LAW 401 Jurisprudence I

LAW 402 Alternative Dispute Resolution

LAW 403 Business Law

LAW 404 Humanitarian Law

LAW 405 Law of the Sea

LAW 406 Crime and Deviance

LAW 407 Law of International Organizations

LAW 408 Information Technology Law

LAW 409 International Trade Law

LAW 498 Legal Clinic

LAW 412 Labour Law

LAW 413 International Investment Law

LAW 414 Environmental Law

LAW 415 Private International Law/Conflict of Laws

LAW 416 Conflict Resolution and Management

LAW 417 Intellectual Property Law

LAW 418 Jurisprudence II

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  • Department of Political Science

Faculty of Arts, the Department of Political Science offers the following courses,

1. Undergraduate Programme

The Department of Political Sciences offers undergraduate programs of either three years (General Degree) or four years (Special Degree) duration. Students who successfully complete the two semesters of their first year with a minimum of 30 credits have the option of following either a General Degree or a Special Degree in Arts Program. 


PSC 101: Introduction to State and Government

PSC 102: Government and the People

PSC 201: The Political System of Sri Lanka I

PSC 203: Elements of Public Administration-1

PSC 205: International Politics
PSC 207: Political Theory I

PSC 202: The Political System of Sri Lanka II

PSC 206: International Politics II

PSC 208: Political Theory II

PSC 204: Public Policy—Theory and Practice

PSC 301: Conflict Analysis: Theories and Issues

PSC 302:Conflict Analysis: Case Studies

PSC 303: Comparative Politics

PSC 304: Comparative Government

PSC 305: International Organizations

PSC 306: The United Nations System

PSC 307: Theories of Public Policy

PSC 308: The Bureaucracy in Contemporary Democracies

PSC 309: Gender and Power

PSC 310: Gender and Politics in Sri Lanka

PSC 311: Human Rights

PSC 312: Political Sociology

PSC 313: Political Sociology: Issues, Events, and Trends

PSC 401: Modern Political Ideologies and Concepts

PSC 402: The Politics of Developing Areas

PSC 407: Comparative Public Administration

PSC 406: Political Systems in China and Japan

PSC 403: Liberalism and Socialism

PSC 404: Issues in Sri Lankan Politics

PSC 408: Development Administration

PSC 409: Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka

PSC: 410 Politics of South Asia

2. Postgraduate Programme

The postgraduate programs offered by the Department of Political Sciences range from Diploma program to PhD program and attract many students from the University of Peradeniya itself, other Universities in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Postgraduate Diploma Program

MA (Master of Arts) Program

MPhil (Master of Philosophy) Program

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) Program

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